We are all victims

Substance abuse is more than what is taught to us. Initially,  your are lead to believe that substance abuse is only subject to drugs and or alcohol. In reality, there are many forms of addiction that you may fall prey to at some point in your life.  Some forms of abuse are: Sex, money, power, shopping and last but not least drugs. I strongly encourage you to reflect on anything you have use in excess because it is a form of abuse.

My current employment is a Methadone Counselor.  At times, the job can be difficult but I find great enjoyment in seeing my patients meet their goals. In the life of a substance abuser there is a constant fighting with yourself to remain abstinent from all drug.  Patient’s will lie, cheat and steal just to obtain that drug and I realized that this is a difficult habit to release. This is when I realized I must meet the patients where they are in order to create a therapeutic alliance with my patients. As a counselor, I diligently encourage my patients Through Motivational Interviewing Technique to remain conscious about the process of gaining abstinence. Every encounter with my patients I keep an open mind to their struggle to remain abstinent. I’ve also encouraged my patients to read the novels such as  Days of Healing, Day of Joy by: Earnie Larsen and Carol Larsen Hegarty to help when  they are experiencing difficulties in remaining abuse. Below I provided a paragraph from the novel for your enjoyment. I have been discussing one  form of abuse, can you identify a form of abuse your are engaged in? can you relate your abuse to the paragraph below?


The Novel: Days of Healing, Days of Joy: Some things I cannot change: My age, who my relatives are, my eye color, my height, my childhood experiences, my inborn talents, my nature, someone else’s abuse of alcohol or other drugs, whether the sun will shine, my job history, what I will inherit, how my parents feel, yesterday’s lost opportunities, how long I will live, who forgives me, how my parents treated me, how much I loves, the past. Some things I can change: the Youthfulness of my spirit, who my friends are, my hair color, my weight, my adult experiences, my achievements, my character, my reaction to someone else us of alcohol or other drugs, whether my eyes will shine, my job possibilities. What I will bequeath, how I feel, my ability to act on today’s opportunities, how well I will live, whom I forgive, how I treat my own children, how much I love, the future. Be thankful for all the growing abilities to choose.

Thought of the day:

“Reaching beyond where you are is really important.”- Martin Siegelman


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