The journey of education- student debt

Growing up, I always knew I would be attending college. Throughout my college career I would apply for student loans which was not the best idea but at the time seem like the best idea. Since I graduated with my masters in have accumulated thousands of dollars of student debt and at times seems unbearable.
I came across an article from Forbes that discuss the student debt in America. The article reported 1.2 trillion dollars of student debt that is affecting students, parents and the economy. The student debt is seen as the second highest form of debt behind mortgages. This amount of debt is horrifying because education is supposed to be something that you can obtain to make a better living for yourself. However, instead it appears that you are working to only pay back student loans. I would strongly recommend you to identify other ways to pay for school instead of loans. Student debt has multiple effects on life after school. Some areas that student debt can affect is your credit and cause difficulties with purchasing a home. If you are currently in college or have plans on attending college, I strongly encourage you to explore all options for funding your college education instead of student loans. The loan will have a profound impact on your lively hood once you graduate.

Some options are:
1. Sponsorship
2. Grants
3. Work to save money to pay for your education.
4. Getting employment that provide tuition reimbursement options.
5. Financial aid

To read the article in full: Forbes

Thought of the day:
“Education is not the filling of a pail, but rather the lighting of a fire”- William Butler Yeat

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