Self-Affirmations and its’ purpose

      I want to share something interesting with you today. Each morning for the last year, I would wake up and look at myself in the mirror and say: I love you. Honesty, I did not know the purpose of saying this to myself but it offend increased my confidence and mood before I began my day. Nonetheless, it seemed cliché to even say the words, I love you, to myself. However, research by Anna-Nina, M.A., Collie W. Conoley and Elisa Vasquez from the University of California, confirmed that self -affirmations can increase feelings of happiness and optimism in social interactions. In addition, can increase mindfulness in individuals. The research appeared strange to me but was very interesting because without being fully aware of what I was doing that self-affirmation has made a profound impact on how I treated myself and others. The reality is, if you are having difficulties with accepting yourself as “worthy” the first way to start rebuilding your confidence and self-esteem is looking at yourself in the mirror each day and telling yourself “you are worthy of anything and everything you have ever imagined.” This is the most important first step to loving yourself and creating the foundation to change. I strongly encourage you to take the time out daily to tell yourself one positive affirmation. That is to say, if you cannot think of a positive affirmation you can take a negative thought about yourself and say it in a positive way.

   To sum up, based on the research and my personal experiences keeping a positive attitude will work wonders during the process of change.  Can you tell me one positive affirmation about yourself?


Thought of the day:

“Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.”- Unknown


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