The component for a successful change in behavior

When going through the process of change a good support system is necessary,  to help you deal with difficult times.  Your support system can be anybody that will encourage you to continue striving for what you believe in or just listening to you vent about something. Furthermore, you support systems are not only your family member. They can be your friends, significant other, therapist or acquaintances. The support of these individual can help the process of change become less challenging and empowering.

I encourage you to look and your support systems and identify people that will help, encourage or listen to you during tough times as well as good times.  Moreover, stay connected with these people to remain focus on the process of change.  For instance, throughout my process of change I was able to talk to my family, friends, significant other and therapist. Moreover, going on vacation and meeting and talking to others about my life purpose and goals helped me feel grounded in the idea of self- transformation. Receiving support from multiple avenues will help you to feel encouraged, motivated and determined to continue on the path of change.  

Developing a concrete support system will be a positive factor to the process of self-exploration. Moreover, it will help you to stay focus on your goal and  make the necessary adjustments in your life. Positive thinking leads to positive thoughts and actions.

Thought of the day:

“All is connected … no one thing can change by itself.”  — Paul Hawken



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